This is Jazzándaluz, a national jazz festival, a jazz festival made in our country, by musicians from here or elsewhere, but created beyond our borders.

And all this because in this country jazz of higher quality is being made every day, by incredible musicians who, in our opinion, are not sufficiently valued and deserve to have an exclusive place in the cultural programme that takes place annually in our land, a showcase that, although modest, has the attraction of the exclusivity of what is ours to become a cultural reference.

Jazzándaluz was born in the heart of the International Festival of Music, Theatre and Dance of Priego de Córdoba, one of the oldest cultural events in Spain and which this year 2017 will celebrate its 70th edition. It was conceived by a group of musicians from this town aware of the great moment that jazz is going through in our country thanks to the discovery of great performers of international renown and the emergence of more and more educational and social initiatives around this music. Local musicians are very aware of the need to show the general public that this is happening and that it can also be a quality tourist-cultural attraction for their town, which has been reason enough to merit the support of the main local public institution, the City Council of Priego de Córdoba.

It is therefore the City Council of Priego de Córdoba through its Delegation of Culture which takes up the proposed challenge and, after a rehearsal with the programming of a first concert by the great Valencian trumpeter David Pastor and the local trio “Drumbassiano” in the month of July 2015, the firm decision is taken to organise this festival which will celebrate its first edition in August 2016.
Musicians of the stature of José Carra, Bori Albero, Dani Domínguez, Eneko Alberdi, Ximo Tebar, David Pastor, Toni Belenguer, Rafa Redondo, Alberto Serrano, Antonio del Caño, Pablo Martín Caminero, Moisés P. Sánchez, Ariel Brínguez and Michael Olivera, came together in this first edition, which included 3 nights of concerts in which there was a magnificent response from the public and the media, with the legendary Canal Sur Radio programme “El bulevar del jazz” dedicating a whole weekend of its programme to Jazzándaluz. We are sure that Jazzándaluz is a commitment to quality culture made in our country. It is a unique initiative that will end up becoming a reference among the jazz festivals that take place in our territory and all this because it is the exciting project that moves our hearts.

The Organization