In 2019, instead of some double sessions of concerts as in previous editions, it was decided to distribute only one concert a day throughout the three days, 8, 9 and 10 August and to add as a novelty at the end of the event, on a second stage and in a more informal atmosphere near the bar area, different Jam Sessions with guest artists on each of the nights, thus increasing the programme and the musical offer, extending the time slot and managing to reach more public and musicians who came spontaneously to participate.

8th August. Tete Leal Quintet:

“Opus” is the excellent project that the great saxophonist and flautist Tete Leal presented to us in a rigorous premiere in an essential concert together with a line-up that brings together the most outstanding jazzmen on the national scene: Tete Leal (alto sax, flute, bass clarinet), the pianist José Carra, a regular at this venue -Ciclo Cine Mudo-, the Catalan guitarist Jaume Llombart, the endearing double bass player Bori Albero and Juanma Nieto on drums.

The work, Tete Leal’s first original work, is a very personal proposal with more than enough attractions not to disappoint or leave anyone indifferent. Composed as a suite, the work flows from beginning to end without interruption, like an endless inner journey, which the musicians enhance with their magical and original touch, bringing nuances to such a unique project.

9 August. Mezquida and Chicuelo:

“No hay dos sin trés” is the work brought to us by Juan Gómez “Chicuelo”, guitar; Marco Mezquida, piano and Paco de Mode, percussion. A true work of art that delighted the audience.

10th August. Andalucía Big Band: “SUITE TRAFALGAR” composed by Javier Galiana and directed by Miguel Ángel López.

The formation of 18 musicians brought in their ranks great figures with their own name on the national scene, such as Javier Galiana (piano), Julián Sánchez (trumpet), Pedro Cortejosa (alto sax), Javier Ortí and Leandro Perpiñán (tenor sax), Lipi Calvo (trumpet) or Javier Delgado (double bass) without detracting from the rest of the components that make up a perfectly coordinated machinery that made us all enjoy compositions and arrangements of a very high level.

Javier Galiana’s “Trafalgar Suite”, written expressly for this big band formation with soloist (although it has already evolved in two different versions), the composer pays his particular homage to the music of Manuel de Falla and the landscape of the Cadiz coast with its beaches full of history. It consists of four thicker pieces, linked by interludes composed from the same material to homogenise the work in the manner of Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition.