Miscelínea is a vivifying immersion in Mediterranean and southern sonority with Latin echoes, a confluence and mixture of different musics that intersect according to the moment the musicians pass through on the record: classical music from their academic education, the rock that they have lived as generational music, flamenco and Andalusian song as a local environment, and jazz, the sound matrix and musical context where they inscribe their music.

Rafa Redondo and Antonio del Caño, the leaders of this project, have worked together with different groups, which has allowed them to experiment deeply accompanying musicians of the stature of Ximo Tebar, David Pastor, Toni Belenguer or Chano Domínguez. Then they founded R.A.ZZ, accompanied by percussionist Javier Rabadán, a much more personal project that they will bring to the fifth edition of our festival.

Rafa Redondo: Piano.
Antonio del Caño: Doublebass.
David León: Percussion.
Pedro Cortejosa: Sax, flute.
Matias López “El Mati”: Voice, cajón.

Vocalist and composer Pepa Niebla releases Renaissance, her first album of original compositions following her releases Pepa Niebla Project and Pepa Niebla & Ricky Vivar. The album features guitarist Toni Mora, pianist Maxime Moyaerts, double bassist Alex Gilson and award-winning drummer Daniel Jonkers. Renaissance features 5 new original compositions by Niebla as well as new songs by Toni Mora and Fabio Torres with lyrics in English, Spanish and Portuguese, demonstrating their unique style that marks the beginning of a new chapter in Niebla’s career.

The music on Renaissance reflects an influence of contemporary New York jazz that Pepa has combined with stories of love, family and immigration to create a sincere and personal work. The title of the album, Renaissance, is related to the melody She Was Born, which tells the story of a pregnant woman crossing the Mediterranean Sea in a boat trying to survive. It is a tribute to life and spiritual rebirth; a metaphor that Niebla has had in mind during the production of her first original work.

Niebla’s writing is fresh and original, full of rich harmony that evolves intuitively while reflecting his serious study of jazz harmony, voice and composition. Niebla also showcases his skills as a lyricist, having written the lyrics to all 5 of his songs as well as the two originals by Toni Mora. His versatility allows him to sing in Spanish, English and Portuguese, bringing different cultural tones to his debut album.

Pepa Niebla – voices and compositions
Toni Mora – guitar and compositions
Maxime Moyaerts – piano
Toño Miguel – doublebass
Rodrigo Ballesteros – drums

An album that celebrates 20 years of the author’s career With his trio formation: Dorantes himself on piano, double bass and percussion, he signs a work full of nuances, strength and musical freedom. 

The soft power and fiery nuances of the album “El Tiempo Por Testigo”, more than flamenco, beyond jazz. Dorantes … Duende y Swing, develops a music full of strength, nuances and freedom. Dorantes takes the master of life to witness to see his twenty-year career and involve his music in a new path. Perhaps we could speak of “El Tiempo Por Testigo” as Dorantes’ album of musical maturity but it is clear that the pianist’s music remains free and wild as it was in its infancy.

His joyful virtuosity and fluid and elegant touch never change. The piano always vibrates multiple shades of a force whose melodic and rhythmic richness sounds like a hymn to the freedom of author piano imposed his talent in the world of flamenco to be inevitable.